Simulator Booster Board - single channel

$12.95 $11.25

The tiny size of Ngineering Simulator modules above make them extremely versatile for all modeling scales. However, this size also limits output driving capability to 25mA at 5-volts DC per output channel. This is sufficient to support a very wide range of lighting effects. However, there are many modeling situations where a particular lighting effect may be desirable if it can be reproduced on many LEDs (series or parallel groups) or LEDs that exceed the 25mA or 5-volts DC. This is where our Booster Boards shine (forgive the pun). At just 0.8" x 1.50", these small boards increase a simulator's output up to 200mA and DC voltage of 9-18 VDC. This greatly expands the versatility of many of our Simulator products. Although probably not a realistic application, imagine driving 50 or 60 LEDs with a Beacon Simulator! The Boosters come in 3 flavors: N8103-1 to support a single output Simulator (i.e., N8032 Beacon), N8103-2 for 2 output Simulators (i.e., N8038 Early-era Alternating Flasher), and N8103-3 for 3-output Simulators (i.e., N8043 Universal Strobe). A Simulator is easily be piggybacked on a Booster Board (connecting wire included) and share a common power input for both