• Little Sounds w/28mm Speaker

    $19.75 $17.00

    Listen Here!

    This kit requires soldering skills. A fine-tip, low wattage soldering iron should be used when soldering wires to this module.

    If you prefer an "almost" ready-to-run version of the module, a pre-wired option is available for an extra $10. With this option, soldering the small wires to the board is already done for you. The board is wrapped for protection and tested. It ends up looking much like a DCC decoder and is ready for you to  connect the wires to the power supply, speaker and switch. 

    Little Sounds modules from Ngineering:

    1. For reasons of scale, we believe realistic sound effects should draw you in, not push you away. After  discussions with many, many hobbyists, the general consensus seems to be that sound effects are typically way too loud. Example: At a 10-foot distance, you are 1/6 of an HO mile away. How noticeable would a sound really be? In N scale that would be over 1/4 of a mile!

    2. Ngineering Little Sound modules are only 1.38" long x 0.60" wide x 0.25" high, with up to 5-minutes of pre-recorded 16-bit digital sound. It will fit just about anywhere.

    3. Little Sound modules with a pre-recorded sound effect, and speaker sell for less than $20. 

    Product overview:

    • The N8301 is a digital, 16-bit pre-recorded sound effect module using a  high-speed audio processor & 32M-bit serial flash memory.
    • On-board 1/2-Watt audio amplifier.
    • On-board volume control
    • On-board voltage regulation allows DC   input power from 7 to 20 volts.
    • On-board input voltage reverse polarity protection.
    • Small 1.38� x 0.60� size allows placement in even the tightest spots.
    • Low <2ma quiescent power consumption will support battery operation.