LED Power Distribution Board

$11.95 $10.25

The N8102 is designed to provide a convenient way to connect power to multiple LEDs from a single power source. It is ideal for lighting projects such as in model railroad structures, street lighting, dioramas, or anywhere that multiple LED light sources are needed. At only 1.40" wide x 3.40" long, the N8102 is packed with capability.��Side A�(front) of the board provides power for up to 16 LEDs by using highly-regulated 20ma current sources. These sources will support 20ma LEDs of any color and colors can be mixed within a group. Solder pads are provided for optional brightness-adjustment resistors to allow individual control of intensity of every LED if desired.�Side-B�(rear) of the board provides connection for up to 12 additional LEDs. These connections have solder pads for LED current control resistor placement. This module will support a power supply input voltage of up to 18 volts-DC. Nylon spacers for mounting are included with each board.