• Craftsman Structure Lighting with LEDs - Bagged Version


    Craftsman Structure Lighting with LEDs

    The Craftsman Structure Lighting with LEDs  Clinic-to-Go from Microlumina is an excellent way to learn the basics of LED lighting. When you're ready to step out from the limitations and costliness of a plug-n-play system, this Clinic-to-Go provides a great place to start. Learn from the comfort of your own home at your own speed. The clinic will walk you through the basics:

    • What to light
    • What power to use
    • LEDs
    • Current Limiting
    • Wiring - Series and Parallel 
    • Getting it all together

    A 32-page, color illustrated booklet provides the main information for the clinic. But the best part of the clinic is the hands-on part. Included with the Clinic-to-Go are the materials to make a great little project to get you familiar with some of the materials, devices and techniques that are all part of lighting a craftsman kit. You provide the soldering iron, solder and a nine-volt battery - we provide the rest. 

    If you have the skills to build a craftsman kit then you have what it takes to light that kit up without needing a plug-n-play system.