• Basic Structure Lighting Kit


    Basic Structure Lighting Kit

    Here's a basic lighting kit that's suitable for any small or medium HO size model structure. Naturally, it can be used for other scales as well.

    The kit includes the following items:
    • Two ML-CL Current Limiters
    • One ML-5RFWW 5mm Warm White Flood LED
    • Two ML-3RFWW 3mm Warm White Flood LEDs
    • Three ML-3RSWW 3mm Warm White Spot LEDs
    • Instruction Sheet
    The instruction sheet provides simple wiring and lighting tips that can be adapted for any structure that you desire to illuminate.

    The assortment of LEDs allows you to become familiar with some of the basic through-hole type LEDs that we offer. The current limiters make your circuit design project a simple one.

    Requires DC power source - Tools not included.