.032 Tubing 2-pack

$3.40 $3.00

Ngineering custom designed this tubing and the .042" tubing to provide a way for hobbyists to greatly expand the kinds of projects that can be built combined with the other tubing sizes . Each size will fit inside the next to allow the building of signals, light poles, flagpoles, and any number of construction applications. Hydraulic rams and cylinders can be easily constructed for equipment using segments of our tubing and wire. In many white-metal´┐Ż kits, replacing some parts with segments of our tubing which are totally smooth and straight can greatly improve the overall appearance of the kit. This .032" diameter tubing is designed with a slightly thicker .006" wall (1" in N-Scale) when compared to our other tubing. When used with our .018" tubing it provides a "visually noticeable" transition to the larger diameter pipe used in so many street lights and other lighting applications. Cut in small segments, it can be used as couplings to join pieces of the .018" tube or slid over the tubing to give the appearance of joined segments.