.025 Tubing 2-pack

$3.75 $3.25

Like our .018" tubing from Ngineering, this tubing has a very thin wall at.003". It's designed to just slip over our .018" tubing providing many useful applications where a telescoping effect is needed. It very accurately represents 4" conduit or pipe in N-scale and in close-up photography looks like the real thing! A small segment can protrude from structures to represent drains, or cut into lengths and lightly airbrushed, it makes beautiful pipe loads and stacks. Structurally very strong and light-weight. Like all of our tubing, it is manufactured using the most state-of-the-art processes. Use with our .018", .032" ultra-thin wall, .042" and .050" tubing to make light poles, lit sign poles, traffic signals, etc. When painted, the thin walled transitions appear very much like the prototypes. Using tubing in this way will allow up to 4 of our #38 wires to run up through for many lighting and signage options.

Use this tubing for O scale gooseneck lights.