.018 Tubing 4-pack

$7.25 $6.00

This tubing from Ngineering has virtually endless uses in the modeling environment. Need electrical conduit in N Scale that you can actually run wiring inside? Four of our #38 magnet wires will easily fit inside this tubing. See photos above for more info. How about pipe loads in Z, N or HO? Drain pipes for gutters or air conditioners? Because it has an extremely thin wall (.002"), it looks really prototypical in very close-up photographs. It also can be used structurally due to its relative light weight and very high strength. This tubing is fabricated out of type 304 stainless steel and laser-welded to precision tolerances by the most advanced tubing manufacturer in America. A further proprietary process draws the tube through dies with special floating plugs which increase density and makes it ramrod straight with extremely smooth inside and outside surfaces. There is no visible seam. We provide this tubing in 9" straight lengths with clean cut ends. This tubing can easily be formed into curves and shapes.

Use this tubing for HO and N scale gooseneck lights.