Here are the LightBites articles that you can download for free. In them you'll find some great information to help you with any model lighting project.

LightBites #1 - LED Types

 Discover the different LED types you can use for your lighting project. Learn about through-hole and surface mount LEDs - what makes them different and what to watch out for.

LightBites #2 - Current Limiters

Current Limiters - the alternative to resistors. Hate math? Don't like calculating resistor values for LEDs? Read about the advantages of the current limiter in this issue.

LightBites #3 - Series and Parallel Bookcases

Series and parallel bookcases? Yep, it sounds strange but it's our way of explaining series and parallel wiring. Read and learn about one of the fundamental things you need to know as you begin your lighting project.

LightBites #4 - Getting on Board

In this issue of LightBites we discover a technique for structure lighting that is neat and fun to do. 

Project Files

Project Files are articles where we take a lighting project and follow it through step-by-step from beginning to end.

Project File #1 - Lighting up the J.Keen Supplies kit from RailroadKits

In this project we take the things we learned in the articles above and apply them to a nice little structure kit.